#149 Imposter Syndrome


The Paul Dermody Podcast

Through the podcast I want to share with you first the fundamentals of nutrition, no fads. On top of that I want you to reconnect with the joy in food through appreciation, choice and autonomy. I will share ideas from expert guests as well as poignant stories from clients of mine from those seeking weight nuetral outcomes all the way to those who have lost over 150 lbs.

In today’s solo episode Paul speaks about Imposter Syndrome and the effect it can have on us. Points touched on in this episode are..

Why do we doubt ourselves in excess?

Doubting ourselves isn’t a bad thing. The absence of this reflection mechanism would render us insufferable
A type of under-confidence arises from the excessive belief in the normality of others
We are our own blooper reel and often we only see others’ highlight real
It is, in ways, that we are too attached to our own dignity
Being afraid of the imperfections of life

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With over 6000 hours of 1 to 1 Personal Training behind him Paul transitioned into the online space over 6 years ago. He specializes in helping you break the diet cycle and gain an understanding of your core food values and how to apply them to your life successfully. Enquire now on the WORK WITH ME page to learn how to break the diet cycle and make fitness and nutrition work for you and not against you.

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