Changing your relationship with food-Client Aishling


The Paul Dermody Podcast

Through the podcast I want to share with you first the fundamentals of nutrition, no fads. On top of that I want you to reconnect with the joy in food through appreciation, choice and autonomy. I will share ideas from expert guests as well as poignant stories from clients of mine from those seeking weight nuetral outcomes all the way to those who have lost over 150 lbs.

Changing your relationship with food forever

It can seem daunting and challenging. In today’s podcast episode Client Aishling and I chat about how when she began she felt that food was always the problem and that she would never truly experience joy or freedom with it. She admits to having rather rigid food rules and a lack of mental flexibility with food. We speak openly about how her relationship with food has changed.

  • Suffering with rigid rules and bulimia in her early 20s
  • The darkness that comes along with suffering with rigid food rules
  • How she can now connect with herself more when there are less rigid food rules
  • The joy she now feels from feeling more freedom from food and making different choices
  • Creating structure in her diet to help her crave less
  • Improving self talk
  • Negative self talk and the effect that has on yourself and others
  • How being able to choose created more choice
  • Seeing weight gain in a different perspective
  • Connecting with the idea that ‘Food will Always Be There’
  • Seeing food and the experiences as a gift


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