It’s important to me that you read this thoroughly as I want you to be happy with the way I do things,my pricing and that we can fulfill the expectations of one another .

I want to outline exactly how I work. This is fully transparent with no desire to sell you a service you do not want so be mindful that what is below is exactly how I work.

The first thing I want you to know is that this is not a “diet” in the traditional sense. If you are not on a diet you can never fall off the diet. This is about habits, structure and understanding, in the same way you are never “off a budget” just because you may spend a little extra money.

We won’t be a good fit if…

This can be sound bite marketing information but I urge you to think on this before committing.

Rigid Advice

You’re expecting just diet advice without considering deeper personal motivations .

Sterile Check Ins

A sterile non-human check in. I’m much more intrested in the person.

Just Numbers

If you think it’s just about calories and macros without committing to other weird & wonderful small promises that makeup health.

We will be a good fit if…


You have a desire to be self-reflective and introspective.

News ways of thinking

You are ready and open to new ways of thinking. You’re ready to challenge the status quo.

Making Decisions

I will always provide you with support but you will make all the decisions regardless of my advice.


You’re ready for true self-discovery. I want you to really enjoy the journey of learning and potential self-discovery.


you communicate clearly and openly. The onus is on you to get in touch with me, and be honest no matter what. I’m in your corner and want to see you flourish.

Weight Neutral

You’re happy to practive weight neutrality (not aiming to lose or gain weight) to improve your relationship with food to begin with. This is almost always the first step in my process.


How much does monthly coaching cost?

The cost of my service is €275 per month for the first three months and €125 euro per month from month 4 onwards with no minimum time commitment.

How do I check in?

to begin with we will be in contact daily viaWhatsApp. Depending on your goal and relationship with food you will then be assigned 1 check in day per week via email or WhatsApp. Within this you will receive video feedback on your check in which you will provide me with via out check in sheets given to you on your initial start date.

When can I contact you?

Outside of your check in day you have access to me via WhatsApp Mon-Fri if necessary and you will receive a response within the day.

Will you tell me exactly how to eat and exercise?

This is much less about telling you what to do and much more about helping you use principles to arrive at certain decisions through flexibility and awareness.  The choice is completely yours. I will offer input when asked and I will question your logic around certain decisions but as long as you are happy, I’m happy. I’m more interested in how you arrive at certain decisions rather than the decision itself.

 I will often challenge your thought process and I will encourage you to acknowledge limitations in your own knowledge that may actually make the journey easier. You may (or may not) need to unlearn some things but hey, isn’t that the fun part.

Do you give meal plans?

I do not offer meal plans. I encourage you to understand principles. For example, you would never want me to tell you what to spend your money on. You would want to learn how to save so that you can enjoy your own spending.

Do I have to check in with you?

I will support you always, just keep in mind the onus for contact is on you due to the sheer volume of client check ins I receive.

I'm nervous about sharing information with you

 I will always cater for any issues you may be experiencing in your life that may hinder adherence. I want you to feel safe to communicate with me. I will never judge you and will do my best to ensure you never feel judgment.

I'm anxious about failing?

 I want you to remember you can never mess up or fail. “Diet rules” fail, but understanding principles and having an open mind generally doesn’t fail.

Is your coaching rigid?

I don’t believe in rigidity, so part of this process will be your own personal journey of learning. If you need strict guidelines, I may not be the right person for you. This doesn’t mean I won’t be there for you of course. It just means I want you to figure out imperfect consistency


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