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People battle food by doing strict diets. Rigid and strict diets lead to worse outcomes. I help people get food freedom & the results they want through choice and autonomy.

Understand the principles

Understand at a base level what’s occuring so you never fall prey to fad diets again. All diets exploit the same principle they just hope you don’t know.

feel confident with choices

Calorie calculators are simple but human beings are not. Learn how to make the correct choices for your goals.

find autonomy

Food is not the enemy and it will always be there. Learn how to navigate food for the rest of your life and create food freedom.

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“I lost 100lbs and I’m maintaining it”   

I remember there was a point where I had gotten my calories too low and I was binging. Butter and flour wasn’t even safe, it was disgusting. I really had two options is what I said to myself. I can give up and go back to the old Tommy, eating whatever I like and eventually putting on so much weight that I was unhappy and would have to start all over again. Or, the second was to hit the reset buton (rather than the f**k it button) and just keep going going . Then I realsied I had only one option and it was the reset button.

This time round I realised there was a reset button and it gave peace and calmness becasue I knew I coud enjoy the food, pints and cocktails I wanted to and I could keep going. That’s what would make me happy. That was the moment it clicked.

Client Tommy

Tommy’s client podcast

“I lost 40lbs whilst breaking the diet cycle”

Sometimes if I was in a stresful situation at work food was seen as a coping mehcanism. I would eat bad food. Then it would be a cycle where I would think “Oh I’ve blown it so I’m just going to eat bad foods”. Now, there isn’t that. Previously if I had an urge I’d have to battle and it and then blow it out of the water and have a full pack of muffins. Now I pick something that will satisfy those cravings and urges and I don’t feel that guilt or stress around what people think about me eating the muffins too.


I was out with friends in December and they asked me what diet was I going to start in January and I said “I’m not on a diet I’m not going to start a diet, I am done with dieting” and that was when it dawned on me I had changed and evolved on the journey.

Client Rebekka

Rebekka’s client podcast

#150 Why we eat too much

#150 Why we eat too much

In today's episode, Paul expands on a recent blog article he wrote about why we eat too much. When we hear that 'Diets Fail' it often speaks to those that start dieting out of a place of insecurity and therefore in this narrow definition all diets do fail. Today he...

#149 Imposter Syndrome

#149 Imposter Syndrome

In today's solo episode Paul speaks about Imposter Syndrome and the effect it can have on us. Points touched on in this episode are.. Why do we doubt ourselves in excess? Doubting ourselves isn't a bad thing. The absence of this reflection mechanism would render us...


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