You’re a value-driven coach who wants to make a big difference without icky sales tactics. You’ve come to the right place.

You know how frustrating it is when clients buy fad diets? The “bizness guru mastermind” is the mentorship equivalent. If you’re here, you probably agree. I will help you be the Trainer you’re proud to be.

You know you’re more than a Trainer. You also manage clients expectations and influence their relationship with food and body image. You want to be one of the good ones. You even feel at odds with clients who want to lose weight whilst you see the harm it’s causing. You want to run a business without selling out because it seems like other Trainers have it figured out. If so, this mentorship is for you.

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My mentorship will teach you;

How To Help Identify Your Clients Psychological Barriers

Dealing with ambivalent clients is very common. You might feel you negotiate with clients too often. Instead, have them identify their own motivations for change

How To Spot And Address Disordered Eating Patterns

Communicate with your clients in a non-judgmental but honest manner so that they know they can trust you and feel safe to do so. Spot early red-flags regarding disordered eating and develop the skillset to have them question their beliefs and identify their own behavioural patterns

How To Develop Deeper Relationships With Your Clients

Most Trainers lose clients because they speak from their high horse. You’re better at them regarding nutrition. If they can afford the luxury of a Coach, they’re doing OK. Build your relationships on a foundation of trust, respect and empathy

Overcome Imposter Syndrome And Create Lasting Impact

Imposter syndrome is inevitable because you have a front-row seat to all your foibles and flaws, and you only know others from the outside. Clients love humans, not robotic Trainers. Be your best self and create a deep impact built on far more than the typical profit-centric gurus.

Ready? Work with me

What is included?

1-1 calls

This is where we will go through everything. Nothing is pre-recorded. We will go through everything on our calls, depending on the package you pick. We will discuss imposter syndrome, creating connection with people, spotting disordered eating with clients, not selling out or resorting to crappy sales tactics, and so much more. This is about being the coach you want to be.

Daily access to me for support

Outside of your 1:1 calls you have access to me via WhatsApp Monday-Friday. You will receive a response from me within the day.

A caring environment

I care about your progress. No, really, I know it’s easy to say. But I do. I’m sick of great coaches feeling inferior to those who simply sold their soul. I want the cream to rise to the top, and I believe you can. Especially for those of us whose mission is to undo the harm of the diet industry.

Learn how to spot problematic behaviours with clients

I’ll share with you how I communicate effectively with clients– whether it’s those who have lost 200lbs of those who are breaking away from disordered eating.

have questions?

Don’t be afraid to reach out. I’ll never sell you anything I do not think you’re right for and I am always happy to have a chinwag.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Build Your Own Successful Online Personal Training Business, Work From Anywhere in the World, and Help People Achieve Their Goals.

In a world that obsesses over social media metrics, you need to build a deep connection with 20-30 people to change your life in ways you can’t imagine.

I’ll teach you how to automate everything and funnel people into a cookie-cutter programme (LOL). That’s genuine advice I was given recently. From a business coach. A BUSINESS COACH. And my mentorship is basically that, but the opposite.

What is the price?

Option 1 is 1x 1-hour weekly call with me. The cost of this service is €500 per month.

Option 2 is 1x 1-hour call fortnightly. The cost of this service is €325 per month.

With both options, you’ll receive detailed guidelines of what to do between our calls, as well as 100% personalised (not group) WhatsApp support.

If you stay long enough to begin a fifth month, the price drops by 50%.

Will you give me social media strategy?

I’ll help you cultivate and curate your own voice so you can story tell online in the way that feels most organic to you. If I spent our call talking about myself, you’d feel cheated. Your clients who consume your online content will feel the same if you are overly self-centric. Instead, focus on the problem you know you can solve and tell interesting stories around it. I’ve been saying the same few things online for years in different ways and I have been full and booked out for the past five years.

What do I get when I join?

Personalised 1-1 calls with me and support as long as you need.

I have a small following. Is this still a good fit for me?

It might feel like that, but line a few hundred people outside your front door and it won’t feel that way. A small following is a huge advantage to create connection in ways bigger accounts can’t. I had 40 1-1 client in the gym when I had 1000 followers.