Paul Dermody

Online Personal Training to reconnect with the joy in food & exercise

Angela Cote Daza
Angela Cote Daza
January 4, 2023.
Paul is the most patient and professional PT I've ever known. I learned and trained with him for over a year. He inspired me to reach my goals and be consistent. Moreover, he helped me understand the basic principles of movements and rethink the unhealthy nutritional and fitness myths I had followed for over 30 years. Paul is an experienced and charismatic coach. He was always approachable and completely changed my mind about life, well-being, and business. His ethic and passion made every session a wonderful experience and inspired me to make life-changing decisions. I cannot recommend him enough.
Shelly Hosler
Shelly Hosler
January 3, 2023.
Paul really got me out of my funk after the pandemic. After working out with him for about 2 months, I was able to do my first pull-up ever from a dead hang. Now I'm back into a regular workout routine thanks to him!
Roisin McGrath
Roisin McGrath
January 2, 2023.
I cannot speak highly enough about Paul. He is such a kind, educated,funny pt. He can never do enough and did so much beyond what I expected. He was always offering advice and very reassuring when I felt lost or unsure about my fitness or nutrition. Forever grateful to him.
Jo Candlish
Jo Candlish
November 2, 2022.
Paul’s approach to training is truly personalised. There are no cookie cutter diet sheets (and no arbitrary ban on cookies come to think of it). Workouts, nutrition and all advice is based on listening to what I’ve said. Paul listens, questions, prompts and challenges, all in a calm and highly informed way. I’ve learned a huge amount, and totally changed my relationship with food in a way I didn’t think was possible. In an industry full of BS Paul bucks the trend with his honesty and integrity.
Tracy Kavanagh
Tracy Kavanagh
August 4, 2022.
A nutritional Life Coach!! I was very lucky to work with Paul for nearly a year, I have learnt so much in this time. My confidence around food and other areas of my life has grown. Paul approaches his practice from a holistic view point; it's not just about weight & exercise. He provides supports in all aspects of life - physical health & wellness, mental well-being, mindful practice, nutrition & exercise - he is like a nutritional life coach. Paul is very supportive & gives a lot of thought to his clients individual needs. I would highly recommend him if you have a goal in mind or like me unsure of where to begin. My attitude towards food has changed for the better & I feel like I have reconnected with myself. Thank you Paul for your support & wisdom - much appreciated!
Grainne Ni Dhuinnin
Grainne Ni Dhuinnin
July 10, 2022.
Paul was the person I NEEDED to meet in life! He helped me shift my mentality and improve my mindset! I entered my 30s feeling like I was the person I always wanted to be. I appreciate and love myself now. Paul helped me make sense of all that the dieting industry had shoved in my face until I was 28. Paul doesn’t tell you what to do, he guides and supports you. He helps you figure out what you need to know. He doesn’t tell you what to eat or what way to lead your life. He provides strategies to help you take charge of your life. I will forever be thankful to Paul for all the support he gave me, he may never truly understand how much he helped improve my life. Míle buíochas 🙂
Cliodhna Lohan
Cliodhna Lohan
July 8, 2022.
I couldn’t recommend Paul enough. He tailors everything so individually to suit you as a person. I went to him with a certain goal in mind but he challenged me to question my goals, always having my health and wellbeing as a priority. He is ethical and his ethos is based on long-term health and sustainability, not just a quick-fix. He will call you out on your BS and challenge your beliefs. He gave me nuggets of wisdom that I needed not only for my health but also for getting the most out of life in general. His outlook on nutrition and movement is refreshing. His replies are prompt and you never feel like you are getting a generic, “one size fits all” response to your needs. He goes above and beyond to make sure you understand your training programme and gives excellent feedback allowing you to progress. I was lucky enough to have had Paul as my coach during a very turbulent time in my life and the support he gave me went far beyond the call of duty. He helped me become a healthier, stronger, fitter person, not only physically, but mentally also. I know I’ll be working with him again, as there is so much to learn from him.
Ger Marsh
Ger Marsh
June 1, 2022.
I worked with Paul for quite a while and can’t thank him for the education he provided during this time. Paul is a personal trainer, but in reality he is so much more. I can’t convey into this simple review all he taught me, but his overall attitude to my experience and goals were faultless. He brings a positive attitude to all he does, and the encouragement and educational aspects of what he does are simply unique. He encourages you to ask the questions, while he provides you with the guidance you need to achieve your goals while pushing you through your self imposed limits that you may have. Paul is immensely passionate about what he does. He listened to my story and took the time to understand my needs and work with me to identify goals that I wanted to meet. Paul’s methods helped me to make significant improvements to my lifestyle and overall well-being, weight loss, self confidence and my own physical ability have drastically improved since working with Paul.
rebekka cawley
rebekka cawley
May 31, 2022.
The coaching from Paul was nothing short of amazing. Never once did I feel judged, embarrassed or pressured into acting a certain way or eating a certain way. I felt truly comfortable in being able to tell him everything in order to work together to achieve the mindset I now have. You work at your pace never being told to eat certain foods or do certain exercises that are not sustainable. I would recommend Paul to anyone that wants a lifestyle change not just a quick fix that won’t last.
neasa white
neasa white
May 31, 2022.
Working with Paul was a wonderful and eye opening experience. His approach is insightful and completely non-judgemental, I felt supported throughout and Paul has helped me unlearn the many unhelpful habits developed over years of ‘on the diet off the diet mentality’. He has brought an invaluable level of calm to my life and I would 100% recommend him to anyone struggling with similar issues around food and weight loss.

Online Personal Training Services

Online Coaching

I want you to understand the principles of weight loss and weight management without being overly complicated or simplified.

My coaching style is about self-reflection and learning how to make confident decisions wiht your food and exercise that will last you a lifetime. There are no cookie cutter plans or computer generated macros here.

Calorie balance is only one part of the dynamic nature of being a human being. As a team we will move towards weight loss or management without strict rules or practices

Find out more about the type of person this coaching is for below


Deep-dive call

Much of what we believe about our bodies and food is shrouded in shame. This stigma is a catastrophe when it comes to our relationship with food.

This is a one time call to discuss your personal problems and create a path to greater dietary success .

This once off 1:1 call with me is a deep-dive into your relationship with food. We will discuss basic nutrition principles, narratives around food, personal values that are preventing your success.

Find out more about this call and the type of person it would suit below

Hi there

I’m paul

If you feel like you’ve been dieting all your life with none of the results I can help you.

I’m Paul and I’ve been a in person and online personal trainer for over 7 years with over 6000 hours of one to one coaching behind me.

I aim to help people reconnect with the joy and calmness in food by breaking the diet cycle that is chaotic patterns to restrictive diets and back to chaotic patterns.

At its core my philosophy as a Personal Trainer is simple. There is no diet to fall off when you are not on one in the first place.

With my coaching methods I’ve helped people break years of yo-yo dieting, achieve new weight-neutral goals and lose upwards of 150lbs and that only tells part of the story.


How can i help you?



I help you stop the binge- restrict cycle.If you feel you’ve been dieting your whole life with no results it’s time to finally break that diet cycle and get the results!



I will educate you on the fundamentals of nutrition so you can walk away from restrictive diets. No more fad diets only education and progression.



I will help you reconnect with the joy and calmness in food . Begin to truly enjoy and and establish a sense of understanding around your decisions.

CLIENT case studies

Read my client blogs and listen to the client podcasts to get a true sense of my coaching style and how I can help you


Steve Griffin

I lost 60 kg(132lbs) working with Paul.


Lisa Sheehy

I lost 50lbs & Improved my relationship with food .


Thomas Pettit

I lost 100 lbs and I’m maintaining it !

Incredible personal trainer, exceptional teacher and a wonderful thinker.Paul has a certain way about him. He can change your way of both thinking and seeing things, for the better, whilst also not being over bearing or ‘in your face’. Top man, could not recommend enough.

Read  Steve’s Journey

Paul’s approach to long term and sustainable weight loss is life changing. Forget about crash dieting and unhealthy eating habits. It’s hard to put into words how incredible working with Paul has been and I cannot recommend him enough.

Listen to Thomas’s Story

Working with Paul was the best decision I ever made. His hands on coaching style is second to none and his insight and knowledge is incredible. I would highly recommend working with Paul if you want to improve your relationship with food and change your mindset.

Read Lisa’s Journey

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