Client Damien– Losing 70+lbs, Masculinity, Happiness


The Paul Dermody Podcast

Through the podcast I want to share with you first the fundamentals of nutrition, no fads. On top of that I want you to reconnect with the joy in food through appreciation, choice and autonomy. I will share ideas from expert guests as well as poignant stories from clients of mine from those seeking weight nuetral outcomes all the way to those who have lost over 150 lbs.

In today’s episode I speak with my online client Damien who has lost a considerable amount of weight.

Damien has lost 5 stone since July and has been maintaining his weight loss.

In this episodes he talks about..

  • Masculinity
  • Vulnerability
  • How to enjoy the process
  • Happiness and long-term success.

This episode is an amazing summary of the process of uncovering and discarding new parts of oneself.

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